Aivero Do

Smooth Automation is the new normal

Aivero Do is an AI robotics service that simplifies 3D machine vision-based automation. We call it smooth automation because it's accessible, affordable and easy to use.


Superior ease of use. Camera and edge hardware included. No prior knowledge needed

Remote ready

Includes 24/7 support and live AI supervision helping your processes improve over time

Simply use your smartphone and the Aivero Rig to get productive with robotics in 5 minutes.

Aivero Rig


Aivero Do

Let's automate
Let's automate
Bin Picking
Let's automate
Bin placing
Let's automate

Aivero Do is the future of automation - a DIY robotics-as-a-service


because why not?

Get started with Aivero Do today

Cobot agnostic

  • Universal Robots

  • Xarm

  • Automata

Camera agnostic

  • Intel Realsense

  • Zivid

  • Microsoft Azure Kinect

High quality RGB camera

High res depth camera

Advanced LED light

Ballhead joint

Telescopic elevator

Edge AI processor (WiFi (internet), Ethernet (robot), Microphone and Speaker

Camera Rig included

The Aivero Do subscription comes with the Aivero Rig, featuring state of the art 3d camera (Intel) and edge processor (Nvidia)

  • Included in subscribtion
  • Powerful LED light
  • State of the art depth sensing
  • Powerful Edge AI
  • Ethernet connection to robot
  • USB connection to camera
  • Wifi support
  • Set it up in 3 minutes