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Looking for new opportunities?

We’re looking for a passionate and experienced developer to help build on the unique 3d vision technology used in research and robotics.
Per Ivar Selvaag & Haakon Bryhni

Aivero adds external board members

We are excited to announce two new external members to Aivero’s board of directors; Haakon Bryhni and Per Ivar Selvaag – bringing their expertise within high-speed communication and design thinking, respectively.

Overview of cobots

Collaborative robots (cobots) differ on variables such as weight, payload, reach and accuracy. These set the condition for what tasks a cobot can perform, thus affecting which one is best suited for your environment. However, they all have one thing in common: they shine in their ability to perform repetitive tasks, and with Aivero Do, this is scalable across multiple units and locations.

Welcome to the team!

Despite being a distributed organization across countries, we are still a close-knit group of individuals at Aivero. This past year we are happy to have welcomed Michaela, Jimmi, Isak and Daniel to our team. Bringing their areas of expertise, from engineering to marketing, increasing our ability to improve performance in research and robotics, making AI services accessible to a broader set of users. So, what does it take to translate machine vision into a plug-and-play solution for monitoring and automation?
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