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Welcome to the team!

Despite being a distributed organization across countries, we are still a close-knit group of individuals at Aivero. This past year we are happy to have welcomed Michaela, Jimmi, Isak and Daniel to our team. Bringing their areas of expertise, from engineering to marketing, increasing our ability to improve performance in research and robotics, making AI services accessible to a broader set of users. So, what does it take to translate machine vision into a plug-and-play solution for monitoring and automation?
Available: GStreamer support for Azure Kinect
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An overview of depth cameras

There are different types of 3D sensors, that can differ between different methods to acquire world data or how that data is processed in order to represent it in a convenient way. This document entails a brief overview of the different 3D sensor types and a small survey of what sensors are currently available.
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Build a 3D machine vision that scales

Add value to your data by introducing a third dimension to your video monitoring system. Using cameras with depth-sensing technology enables the collection of a richer data set, and allows for new features and a higher degree of accuracy.
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