Video Block


Stream your robot vision in real-time, store centrally

Optimize your inspection processes

Apply AI and Deep learning to your depth video

Increase throughput and quality by learning across locations

additional dimension

Robot vision applications has recently gotten an additional dimension: Depth video. Now, robots can sense not only luminance and colors, but also distance to objects with great precision. Connect multiple 3D video streams to our Deepcore devices and use our dashboard to control your robot vision from the web browser.

95% data reduction with 3DQ

Fluid motion with 30 frames pr second​

Improved quality control with 3D


Use depth or 3D cameras to gather richer data and enable applications depending on positioning and localisation. With 3D vision accuracy is increased, and allows for a more dynamic operational environment.

Store and replay data efficiently

In an ever increasing data environment, our solution enables many benefits: the ability to apply AI and systems-training on data, decreased storage needs and lower computing costs.


Getting started with 3d depth video compression and streaming Check out our software if you have a preferred computing unit to run our library on. Check out our hardware if you prefer a dedicated computing unit with a plug and play solution that includes a CPU+GPU unit and our compression library.