Video Block


The infrastructure for distributed robot cameras, centralized computer vision and control

Less maintenance, more control

Lower cost & newer hardware through JIT system expansion

End-to-end traceability with 3D data

Robot vision made to scale

Production and automated handling of goods is under a constant pressure to reduce cost, while guaranteeing quality of the service.

3D Cameras and TOF cameras simplify this process, but are not easy to handle and produce unmanageable amounts of data.

  • 3DQ and Deepcore give you a single interface controlling to all cameras, controlling all your computer vision centrally.
  • It allows you to add cameras as needed. Without being locked-in to any given camera.
  • It gives you traceability of your work piece or item along the complete process.

On-premise webUI and API​

Resilient, powerful industrial device with PoE

Secure, compressed storage of 3D traceability log

Scaleable infrastructure for reliable computer vision

Control the machine vision tasks of every single camera from one unified interface. Integrate with your robot software and get a machine vision that improves the return on investment in robotics. The dashboard interface gives you an overview of all connected 3D cameras and will have access to services and features to enhance the value of your machine vision.


Getting started with 3d depth video compression and streaming Check out our software if you have a preferred computing unit to run our library on. Check out our hardware if you prefer a dedicated computing unit with a plug and play solution that includes a CPU+GPU unit and our compression library.