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E-commerce piece-picking

Robotics-as-a-Service for warehouse automation

Automate in a no-code approach

Aivero’s Robotics-as-a-Service is compatible with warehouse management systems and grids such as AutoStore, thus pushing the envelope of automation—enhancing the potential of human-machine collaboration while rethinking e-commerce operations.

Using 3D vision, Aivero Do enables cobots to be deployed irrespective of prerequisites, making them truly collaborative. This way, the potential of existing automation systems can be extended and ensures continuity in the supply chain.


No training needed


Use any device


Remote help 24/7


Robots learn across platform​

Check out the features that make Aivero’s warehouse piece-picking solution accessible, affordable and easy to use.



Aivero’s core technology compress and stream 3D video data while maintaining high resolution and throughput to the cloud. By using 3D cameras Aivero Do provides cobots with a  superior real-time visual understanding of the work environment.

Powered by 3D vision, Aivero Do enables an easier way to collaborate with robots.

No coding or training needed
Easy to setup and use
Bridging gap between current and future AI
Supervised learning
Bin Picking
A service that scales
Robots learn from each other
Superior cloud-based computer vision
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