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3D Video Monitoring

Bring a new dimension to your video system by introducing 3D video monitoring. With the introduction of new depth cameras like Time of flight cameras and Stereoscopic cameras along with Aiveros 3DQ technology you can now add RGB-D video into your cctv system or video monitoring application

Bring Depth video to your monitoring

Store data efficiently

Use your preferred depth camera

Machinery monitoring with depth sensors

Video monitoring of people, machines, animals or areas of interest is now being upgraded with a new dimension: depth. Through the use of 3D video in monitoring a richer data set is collected. This data can be utilised to enhance operations by increasing efficiency or accuracy of applications. Over time the collected data becomes more valuable as it can be leveraged in machine learning and AI algorithms.

Aivero’s solution makes it easier to scale up the use of 3D vision for monitoring. Our solution efficiently compresses and streams depth data in real time and enables the use of cloud or network services.

20/1 Compression ratio

Full-HD, 30FPS

Simple API

3D machine vision that scales

Aivero offers the framework you need to stream, store and monitor 3D video for any monitoring application. With a dasboard to administer cameras and streams our solution scales with your needs and offer flexility towards hardware and storage preferences. Our solutions supports all types of depth cameras including the Intel RealSense series and Azure Kinect. Either use our library, the 3DQ, or get started with our “plug and stream solution” the Aivero Deepcore, ready to stream depth video out of the box.

Integration focus

Build your solution using our low-level C++ API, GStreamer plugin or access it directly in your openCV application.


Getting started with 3d depth video compression and streaming Check out our software if you have a preferred computing unit to run our library on. Check out our hardware if you prefer a dedicated computing unit with a plug and play solution that includes a CPU+GPU unit and our compression library.