Aivero Rig

Cost efficient, Smooth perception hardware

Aivero Rig is an all in one AI enabled machine vision camera unit . This elegant piece of hardware offers everything you need to capture detailed 2d and 3d video and stream it in real time to the cloud.

All-in-one Smooth Vision Rig

rig with realsense_no_BG_web

High quality RGB camera

High res depth camera

Advanced LED light

Ballhead joint

Telescopic elevator

Edge AI processor (WiFi (internet), Ethernet (robot), Microphone and Speaker

All in one

  • High end 3D and 2D camera
  • Optimized illumination
  • Powerful GPU edge processor
  • Camera elevation and orientation
  • Built in AI assistant
  • Local AI inference and cloud AI training
  • Robot controller via Ethernet
  • Voice communication for support
  • Connects via WiFi

* Cameras not included 

Technical specifications


Image sensor


LED light



Video encode

Connectivity to robot

Connectivity to cloud

Power connection


Intel Realsense D455

1080p global shutter

 86° FOV (covers robot cell)

Dimmable, reflection control

384-core NVIDIA VoltaTM GPU

6-core NVIDIA Carmel ARM®v8.2

1080p RGB and 1080p (Depth)

Ethernet (Gibabit)

WiFI (5Ghz+2.4Ghz)

230 and 110V AC

Pending (currently shipping samples)

The Aivero Rig has both 2d and 3d camera, illumination, network connection and audio communication.

Works with

Aivero See

Vision as a service

Aivero Do

Cobot as a service