Aivero Rig

Cost efficient, Smooth perception hardware

Aivero Rig is an all in one AI enabled machine vision camera unit . This elegant piece of hardware offers everything you need to capture detailed 2d and 3d video and stream it in real time to the cloud.

The Aivero Rig has both 2d and 3d camera, illumination, network connection and audio communication.

All-in-one Smooth Vision Rig

rig with realsense_no_BG_web

High quality RGB camera

High res depth camera

Advanced LED light

Ballhead joint

Telescopic elevator

Edge AI processor (WiFi (internet), Ethernet (robot), Microphone and Speaker

All in one

  • High end 3D and 2D camera
  • Optimized illumination
  • Powerful GPU edge processor
  • Camera elevation and orientation
  • Built in AI assistant
  • Local AI inference and cloud AI training
  • Robot controller via Ethernet
  • Voice communication for support
  • Connects via WiFi

* Cameras not included 

Technical specifications


Image sensor


LED light



Video encode

Connectivity to robot

Connectivity to cloud

Power connection


Intel Realsense D455

1080p global shutter

 86° FOV (covers robot cell)

Dimmable, reflection control

384-core NVIDIA VoltaTM GPU

6-core NVIDIA Carmel ARM®v8.2

1080p RGB and 1080p (Depth)

Ethernet (Gibabit)

WiFI (5Ghz+2.4Ghz)

230 and 110V AC

Pending (currently shipping samples)

Works with

Aivero See

Vision as a service

Aivero Do

Cobot as a service