Aivero See

3D video observation

Aivero See is a 3D machine vision service that simplifies the large scale use of 3D video cameras

Easy to use

Use with any device

Try before buying

Cloud-based service

How are we different?

  • Hardware agnostic / platform independent
  • No skills needed to setup or operate
  • 24/7 remote support & supervision
  • Zero upfront cost, cancel anytime

Camera agnostic

  • Intel Realsense

  • Zivid

  • Microsoft Azure Kinect

490 USD/month for 10 camera streams

Live Streaming
Live streaming
Real Time Point Cloud
Real time point cloud
Volume estimation
Volume estimation

High quality RGB camera

High res depth camera

Advanced LED light

Ballhead joint

Telescopic elevator

Edge AI processor (WiFi (internet), Ethernet (robot), Microphone and Speaker

The Aivero Rig

Optional Aivero Rig: The easiest way to get started – discounted when signing up for Aivero See

  • Powerful LED light
  • State of the art depth sensing
  • Powerful Edge AI
  • Ethernet connection to robot
  • USB connection to camera
  • Wifi support
  • Set it up in 3 minutes