Compress depth and 3D video
Reduce data by up to 95%
Simplify streaming of depth video
Low latency and Real-time

3d Vision

A coherent, virtual workspace fused from the latest of the 3D cameras available. Streamed live to the cloud with unmatched speed.


From object recognition and object analysis to grasping. Speed up your teaching using pre-built, dynamic skills that evolve.


An open AI marketplace of reviewed skills. Machine vision that improves over time. Inte- gration with the latest simulation environment.


About us

At Aivero we strive to bring AI to your real world problems, starting with industrial robotics. We are a young and dynamic startup with offices in Norway and Denmark

from Vision to decision

Observing our environment is a fundamental human ability, allowing us to orient and interact with our surroundings. At Aivero, we help your robot interact with the world.