We offer turnkey cloud-based AI services that saves you cost, risk and time.

Cloud-based services

We provide easy-to-use, subscription-based, and hardware-agnostic services for smoother automation. 

Robot service

Deploy robots within minutes using 2D & 3D vision.

$ 1,000/MONTH

Remote AI training

Hardware included

24/7 support

Vision service

Inspect and monitor with precision 2D & 3D vision.

$ 490/MONTH

Realtime analytics

Hardware included

24/7 support


Our services support a variety of use cases across industries. The ease of setup and low cost remain the same.


Increase reliability and precision of production processes by automating inspection, assembly and machine tending.


Reduce logistics cost and automate piece-picking and kitting with our vision-guided robot service.


Our Vision service includes depth video compression enabling 3D vision storage and streaming for computer vision applications.

Connect to the hardware you need, from any location, on any device.